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 Brumengomma’s activity is the moulding at injection of elastomers (epdm, sbr, nbr, silicone, epdm peroxide, natural rubber (nr)) producing mainly technical articles for household appliance industry, for automotive and tractors.

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Our products

  • Injection molded in EPDM
  • Injection molded in silicone
  • Injection molded in epdm peroxide
  • Injection molded in natural rubber

Last News

“The Italian rubber specialists” in the Meccanica magazine.

May 2021 – The article “The Italian rubber specialists” has been published in the Meccanica magazine.

Renewal of the machine park

2018 – We are renovating our machine park to increase the capacity to print large parts. This year we bought 2 new 500 TON presses and we bought two in 2016.

The primary customers

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